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Our OEM Members consist of multiple global supplier groups, including Infrastructure, Mobile/Portable Terminals, Automotive and Consumer Electronics Companies.  Our topic-specific working groups & workshops promote a "learn, share, and understand concept", which enables all levels of the supply chain to:

  • Gain unfiltered access to Original System Specficier strategies, needs, and desires

  • Explore common objectives and constraints with 360 degree expert level input

  • Candidly analyze the risk/reward profiles of future technology generations, continuing, emerging, and disruptive business models

  • Perceive the global wireless market from the Original System Specficier viewpoints

  • Validate your proposition, roadmaps and market position

for ALL things wireless.


Testimonial Compilation - OEMs on IWPC

Airspan, Paul Senior

YouTube Video

Alcatel-Lucent Italia, Product Strategy Manager

Alcatel-Lucent, Director

Alcatel-Lucent, MTS

BelAir Networks, Stephen Rayment

YouTube Video

BlackBerry, Quality Director

YouTube Video

Cisco Systems, Engineering Director

YouTube Video Other Video

CommScope, 4G Networks Engineer

Continental, Dr. Frank Gruson

YouTube Video Other Video

Ericsson, Dr. Hossam Hmimy

Ericsson, Head of Sales Development

YouTube Video

Ericsson, Manager, System Concepts & Standards

YouTube Video Other Video

Ericsson, Senior Specialist

Huawei Technologies, Debora Gentina

Huawei Technologies, Dr. Ted Olawuyi


Huawei Technologies, Leonida Macciotta

YouTube Video

Huawei Technologies, Mats Högberg

Huawei Technologies, Nandu Gopalakrishnan

YouTube Video

Huawei Technologies, Zaheen Khan

YouTube Video

Kumu Networks, Director - Product Management

YouTube Video Other Video

Motorola, Larry Svec

YouTube Video

Nokia Solutions and Networks, Head of M2M Sales

YouTube Video

Nokia Solutions and Networks, Head, NAM Radio Research

YouTube Video Other Video

Nokia, Carlos De La Garza

YouTube Video

Nokia, Dr. Matthew Tasooji

Nokia, Timo Karttaavi

Powerwave Technologies, Dr. Felix Chen

YouTube Video

Principal Researcher, Nokia

YouTube Video Other Video

Samsung, Rakesh Taori

YouTube Video

Sony Mobile, Erik Bengtsson

Sony Mobile, Olof Zander

ViaSat, Fred Wachter

Wistron NeWeb, Sloan Hsiao

YouTube Video Other Video

ZTE, XiaoDong Zhu

YouTube Video


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