It was discovered after hundreds of industry interviews and many workshops that there is a “Knowledge Gap” between the users and specifiers of wireless technologies and the suppliers of various hardware and software wireless technologies.
Given the speed of development of new wireless products and technologies (often measured in months), there is little time for the traditional process of waiting for important information and requirements to travel up and down the supply chain.
The traditional process of waiting for requirements to travel from one layer in the supply chain to another often results in higher costs, long delays, and reduced performance, because the clarity of the requirements from the original systems supplier is either lost or altered in some way – a common human experience.
The IWPC decided to address this “Knowledge Gap” by creating an environment where firsthand knowledge experts can gather in one room at the same time to exchange requirements, views, solutions, stimulate discussion, and learn from each other across ALL layers of the supply chain, using the “Socratic Method” of giving everyone a chance to ask a lot of questions.
Since 1998, and more than 160 workshops later, we have found this process to be highly successful, and our members have found it reduces costs, improves performance, and decreases time to market. 
Also, it enhances your personal network of contacts, a valuable commodity for the rest of your professional career.