"Sumitomo Electric is a supplier of RF Microwave components.  The recent conference I attended was Beyond 4G & LTE-Advanced.

The IWPC workshop is an excellent venue for all vendors in the supply chain to exchange ideas and understand the limitations and challenges facing the deployment of future infrastructures.  As a component supplier it is important to hear directly from the SP and OEMs which technologies and product offerings we should be focusing on and developing. 
Given the vast global implementations, various requirements per region and deployments, these workshops offer further validation beyond the “customer/vendor” relationship.  One additional take away is the speakers and attendees of the workshop.  The caliber of the individuals representing their companies, networking with key individuals throughout the industry and the involvement of the participants was really impressive.  Everyone there was really working in concert to move the industry forward."
-Effie Favreau, Global Marketing Manager, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.