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Membership Services and Benefits

For details on IWPC Membership Fees and Services,
please call or email:

Tom Watson
Director, IWPC

TEL: 215-293-9000

  • 12 month Corporate membership term, starting at the 1st day of the signup month
  • Corporate-wide authorization for company employees to attend ALL:
    • Interactive Technical Workshops and Technology Exchange Forums (estimated ~10/yr)
  • Opportunity to host, speak at, or influence future workshop topics (when appropriate)
  • Opportunity to sit on the Technical Advisory Board to assist in workshop program planning (voluntary)
  • Copies of business cards of workshop participants
  • Access to IWPC Working Groups
  • Access to special projects activities, conference calls, and web discussions:
    • Pre workshop review conference calls
  • Access to “fully keyword searchable”, password-protected IWPC Research Library for material posted during the membership term:
    • Workshop presentations
    • Workshop “Recordings” (Presentation slides + speaker’s voice, synchronized)
    • IWPC Wireless Industry Ecosystem Directory (5 email sends per day, max)
  • Company logo, contact information, product and service description added to IWPC Website
  • Members-only access to IWPC Member contact information
  • Access to IWPC staff for industry-wide referrals and contacts (40,000+ contacts, worldwide)
  • This option will provide ALL of the services identified in the Full Annual Membership limited to One Market only, to be selected at time of membership application. Members exercising this option will be guaranteed access to all workshops within the selected market within a 12 month period, starting from membership signup month.
  • Please indicate your selection of Market:
o   Mobile and Portable Products
§ Handsets, Smartphones, Tablets, GPS, short range radios, (Bluetooth ™, ZigBee ™, NFC, WPANs, WLANs, UWB, LPR, automotive telematics, etc)
o   Cellular Infrastructure Products
§ For 2G, 3G, LTE, WiMAX - Base stations, (macro, micro, pico, femto cells) repeaters, relays, wireless infrastructure networks, antennas, backhaul, etc.
o   Millimeter-wave Technology and Applications
§ PTP, PMP, MMWave
§ Last Mile Access Solutions (wireless)
§ MMWave Backhaul
§ Automotive radar (ACC, side radar, sensors, etc.)
§ Security sensors
§ Other MMwave/THz Sensors and Systems
  • Access to complete library of past presentations, recordings, reports, executive summaries and transcripts on the IWPC Website for ALL years predating the members’ subscription year

Click here for the membership request form.

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