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Why a Consortium?

When your boss tells you to have a report on his/her desk in X weeks which addresses YZ technology along with comprehensive business/competitive plan options and you have that sick feeling in your stomach about not knowing what you don’t know, contact the IWPC. Perhaps we can help.
There continues to be a significant and growing "Knowledge Gap" between the Wireless Industry Original System Specifiers (OSS’s) (Carriers/Operators/Automakers/Gov’t Agencies), the OEMs, and their suppliers.
Very often, when discussing new technology(ies) with top level OSS and OEM engineering managers -- they say "…what's that?"
The Original System Specifiers are so busy working to differentiate themselves in their market with new products and services, meet the ever increasing expectations of their customers, and working with the OEM community that they often do not have time to objectively evaluate new and alternate technologies and tools being offered by the Supplier community which will directly impact their short and long term decisions.
The OEM’s are so busy working on developing new products, they often do not have time to objectively evaluate alternate technologies and tools. They often feel that if they have something that worked in the past, it will work now!
The Supplier community finds it difficult to clearly and objectively identify the needs of the wireless OEM’s and OSS’s who are further up the supply chain.  
Also, the OEM and OSS technology Managers are often so busy, they do not often have time to attend conferences or trade shows to meet the suppliers who exhibit.
The net result -- since this industry is moving forward at an accelerating pace, the suppliers and OEMs and OSS organizations are not efficiently learning about and from each other, hence, costs are higher and time to market is slower.
With the IWPC Platform –
OSSs are able to efficiently learn about the developments of OEMs and their suppliers and learn about upcoming (sometimes disruptive) technologies and capabilities directly from the source which could directly impact their plans.
OEMs are able to efficiently learn of the needs and requirements of their customers in an open and interactive environment, and they are able to learn of the (sometimes disruptive) developments of their suppliers so they can consider these developments on their product development roadmaps.
Suppliers are able to efficiently learn about the technical and business needs of their customers and their "customer’s customers" so they can make the appropriate development investments.
The net result is that through this open, interactive communication and collaboration up and down the supply chain the entire industry can more quickly meet the needs of their customers and more efficiently deploy their investment capital.

Who should join the IWPC?

Those companies who wish to obtain timely, unbiased, objective, and ongoing visibility to the needs of the Wireless Industry at all levels, worldwide.


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