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For future IWPC workshop information, please contact the IWPC or click here to request more info.

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IWPC Interactive Webinar Opportunities

During this challenging period of travel restrictions and other business disruptions, we wanted to make sure you were aware of a member service which can help try and keep you engaged with the global wireless community. IWPC offers hosted interactive webinars which are available free of charge to members and can provide a platform to share information and help you gain feedback from the global IWPC community and beyond. These webinars can be conducted to be much more participatory and interactive than the typical marketing oriented webinars you get invited to in your email every day.

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January 01 - 31, 2021

Interactive Technical Workshop ADAS, Autonomous Vehicles and 5G Connectivity

Mapping the road to full autonomy – Which sensors are key to safer driving? Architectures, system bus and interference challenges for Camera, Radar, Lidar, V2V and V2X connectivity fusion.

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December 03 - 03, 2020

NEW - Virtual Platform
Interactive Technical Workshop RAN Orchestration and Automation

Exploring the transition of RAN functions from VM-based to cloud-native and deeper analysis of how virtualization can simplify operations and reduces capital expenses – What is O-RAN’s role in facilitating management and orchestration of 4G and 5G networks?

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December 02 - 02, 2020

NEW - Virtual Platform
Interactive Technical Workshop 5G Innovations for In-Building Networks

5G NR sub 6GHz and mmW indoor deployments – Assessing strengths and weaknesses versus WiFi6, transport challenges, synchronization for 5G Networks, 5G small cells, mmW UE/device development, CBRS, Integrated Access and Backhaul (IAB), DAS, 5G mmW repeaters, Fixed Wireless CPE

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December 01 - 01, 2020

NEW - Virtual Platform
Interactive Technical Workshop 4G/5G Antenna Evolution

Understanding legacy 4G enhancement opportunities and 5G integration challenges – Where does massive MIMO and beam steering fit in a service providers deployment strategy? Considering mass market drivers and opportunities, technology innovation, economics and barriers to success.

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November 19 - 19, 2020

NEW - Virtual Platform
Interactive Technical Workshop Transforming Networks for Smart and Converged Cities

Considering the impact of a converged world on consumer, B2B and IoT use-cases - How will converged cities and networks transform telecommunications for service providers and vertical markets? What part will Edge-Computing play in a converged world?

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November 17 - 17, 2020

NEW - Virtual Platform
Webinar WEBINAR: High Capacity Scalable Architectures for Fixed Wireless ISP’s

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November 11 - 11, 2020

BLiNQ Networks
Webinar WEBINAR: How Will 5G Deployment and Positioning, Navigation & Timing (PNT) Evolution Drive V2X?

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November 04 - 04, 2020

Spirent Communications
Webinar WEBINAR: 5G NR Baseband Reference Architecture Addressing VRAN Acceleration and Open RAN DU and RU Processing

October 28 - 28, 2020

Webinar WEBINAR: Antenna Challenges for Applying 5G/V2X for Automotive

October 21 - 21, 2020

Webinar WEBINAR: Private 5G Network Deployment Use Cases

October 14 - 14, 2020

Interactive Technical Workshop 5G Connected Mobility for Automotive, Rail and UAVs

Driving road, rail and UAV connectivity - Automotive, trains, drones/UAVs and other highly mobile use-cases - Assessing requirements, technology innovation, eco-system and value-chain drivers, new opportunities and sector specific challenges.

October 07 - 07, 2020

NEW - Virtual Platform
Interactive Technical Workshop Exploring 5G Vertical Markets

Whatever happened to Ultra-Reliable Low Latency 5G? Considering drivers for vertical markets, private and campus networks, network slicing and use-cases including construction, manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare and emergency services.

October 06 - 06, 2020

NEW - Virtual Platform
Webinar WEBINAR: Support for the 5G Open Platform Initiatives

September 30 - 30, 2020

Interactive Technical Workshop 5G User Equipment Evolution

Exploring specialized 5G NR devices and services, concept development and enablement of specialized 5G NR devices - Evolving from LTE with VoLTE to all services over NR - Industrial-IoT, URLLC, Private enterprise, etc. Global 5G NR device interoperability and roaming - Network configuration and device implementation, 5G device technology integration and harmonization. Considering volume use-cases for mmWave radio including user equipment, transport networks, FWA and other access innovations. Understanding bandwidth opportunities and propagation challenges - RFFE and antenna challenges.

September 23 - 23, 2020

NEW- Virtual Platform
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