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Webinar WEBINAR: Silicon RF/mmWave reliability studies - current status and future trend

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November 30 - 30, 2023

Global Foundries
Webinar WEBINAR: Performance assessment of 5G and B5G networks with Digital Twin and augmented RF Channel Modeling

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November 15 - 15, 2023

WEBINAR: Novel Multi Layer Waveguide technology for high frequency low loss antennas

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October 11 - 11, 2023

Webinar WEBINAR: Revolutionize ADAS Radar Sensor Pre-processing by Unleashing Ultra-Low Latency with eFPGA Technology

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October 04 - 04, 2023

Webinar WEBINAR: Sparse Array Approach to Imaging Radar and Comparison with a Quasi Massive MIMO Technique

September 27 - 27, 2023

Interactive Workshop Non-Terrestrial Networks

Initiatives are now underway to address how satellite can augment global 5G roll-out, with the enhanced connectivity delivering more than just faster streaming and quicker downloads on mobile devices. Considering device options, direct-to-device (D2D) and 3GPP evolution, link design - delay, doppler and how to address these; satellite design - EIRP, G/T, Power and how to get it launched; link budgets, new losses (scintillation), channel models, body loss and margin; Spectrum (L&S band licensed satellite spectrum versus reuse of terrestrial spectrum as well as the associated regulatory and interference concerns); antennas, accessories.

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September 22 - 09, 2023

San Diego, CA, USA
Interactive Workshop RAN Antenna Innovation and Evolution

Considering advanced 5G antenna systems, technologies and enablers. Hardware, Test and Measurement for 7-15GHz, co-existence with Fixed Links, Radar and Satellite communications, Low Profile and Larger Array Antennas, Massive MIMO, multiuser-MIMO, multiple Radio Access Technology system architectures. Managing multiband deployments, reconfigurable and switching wireless network topologies, RF beamforming, digital beamforming, and hybrid beamforming architectures. Beam steering and phased antenna arrays. Exploring new materials and technologies applied to the new millimetric waves. Managing rural tower sharing, windload challenges, antenna efficiency and lifecycles.

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September 12 - 14, 2023

Orange Innovation Centre, Sophia Antipolis, France
Webinar WEBINAR: A Practical Solution for mmWave Bandpass Filtering

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August 23 - 23, 2023

Interactive Workshop 5G Network Evolution and Automation to Support Slicing and Open Architectures

How does transport support slicing and low latency services in the RAN in near real time? Considering service requirements and policies, Real Time RIC, test and measurement perspectives to ensure performance objectives are achieved.

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June 27 - 29, 2023

Boston, MA USA
Interactive Workshop Connected Mobility

Do industry players have a common understanding of what is "connected mobility"? What are some of its meanings and what are some emerging services that go beyond the Ridesharing model? Exploring technology enablers including V2X, V2N, over-the-air updates, (virtual) edge computing and automated vehicles. Vehicle-to/from-cloud communication and applications, cyber security for automotive wireless as well as wireless support for automated driving.

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June 26 - 27, 2023

Boston, MA USA
Webinar WEBINAR: Novel PIM mitigation techniques for wireless network infrastructure

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June 14 - 14, 2023

Interactive Workshop Automotive Sensor Architecture

Sensor fusion, and especially raw-sensor fusion, is instrumental in optimizing the all-around performance of multimodal perception systems. Examining pros and cons of centralised and distributed architectures for ADAS and Autonomous vehicles. Considering integration challenges, radar performance, LiDAR, camera and ultrasonic system fusion. How much intelligence can be taken out of the radar head? Assessing optimum sensor combinations and architectures for L1-5 vehicles and considering interconnection bus options.

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May 30 - 01, 2023

Munich, Germany
Interactive Workshop Network Evolution for 5G Advanced & New 5G Use Cases - Device Ecosystem for 5G Advanced & Beyond Smartphones

NR Carrier Aggregation and Carrier Layer Management, Network Solutions for Fixed Wireless Access, Supporting emerging Use Cases (XR, Wearables, IoT), 5G SA Network Slicing, Maximizing the value of mmWave and unlicensed spectrum deployments: Advancement of 5G MBB devices (Smartphones & Fixed Wireless Access), Massive Carrier Aggregation & MIMO design, Optimizing complex uplink transmission RFFE & antennas, Low cost 5G devices and component simplification & optimization, Supply chain ecosystem for beyond the smartphone, including wearables, XR, C-V2X, IIoT.

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May 08 - 10, 2023

Interactive Workshop
Webinar WEBINAR: Telco Edge Platform: Secure, Scalable, Sustainable MEC

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May 03 - 03, 2023

Virtual Workshop Platform Integrating Sensing and Communication

s this the killer feature for NGN/6G? Smart-city and mobility use-cases, air quality monitoring, vulnerable road users, enhanced ADAS, traffic/parking monitoring and management, crowd analytics, smart factories, health monitoring and accident detection: here are some of the envisioned use cases for integrated sensing from basestations. What can we realistically expect and in which time frame? What are the constraints in terms of frequency band and bandwidth to deliver these use cases, and thus their feasibility domain? And what is the expected impact on network capacity? How can sensing be used to improve network performance/efficiency?

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April 19 - 19, 2023

Virtual Workshop Platform
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