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How do we do this?

We accomplish our Mission by organizing targeted and focused interactive webinars, working groups and workshops to address key topics to meet the needs and interests of the industry, our members, and the Original Systems Specifiers (Carriers, Automakers, Gov’t Agencies, etc). 

We run regular webinars, providing a platform for IWPC members to reach out to our industry focused international community to share news and updates on wireless technology and product innovation. Our 40,000 plus targeted global database offers excellent lead generation opportunities to address key individuals from the expanding wireless ecosystem, including a large number of C-Level managers, decision makers and technology experts from the global wireless ecosystem and specifically from within international telecommunications and automotive sectors. Hosting these webinars is free-of-charge to members and provides a cost-effective way to get your message out to the community, when you consider the cost of holding a webinar through other providers is about the same or more than the annual IWPC membership.  IWPC Webinar Activities

We organize and run working groups to address those topics which need additional and ongoing industry collaboration to reach specific goals and conclusions. These working groups are proposed by our Members and/or the Original Systems Specifiers.  IWPC Working Groups

Focused Interactive workshops take place throughout the year, hosted by Tier 1 Service Providers, Automotive OEMs and Global Thought Leaders.
IWPC Workshop Activies


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