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Wireless Dictionary of Acronyms and Abbreviations

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1k 1000
1xEV-DO 1X Evolution-Data Optimized or Evolution-Data Only
1xEV-DV 1x Evolution-Data Voice
2D Two Dimensional
2G Second Generation Wireless Systems
2G-P 2G Protocol Stack (single mode)
3DES Triple data encryption standard
3G Third Generation Wireless Systems
3G LTE Third Generation Long Term Evolution
3GPP 3rd Generaton Partnership Project
3GPP-LTE 3rd Generation Partnership Protocol - Long Term Evolution
3GPP2 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2
3MI 3 Metal Interconnect
3R Regeneration, Reshaping, and Retraining
4B3T Four Binary, Three Ternary
4F/BDPR Four-Fiber Bidirectional dedicated protection ring
4F/BSPR Four-Fiber Bidirectional Shared Protection Ring
4G Fourth Generaton Wireless and Mobile Communications
802.11 A wireless LAN standard from IEEE that defines physical (PHY) and medium access control (MAC) layer protocols. IEEE 802.11, operating at 2.4 GHz offers speeds of 2 Mbps using frequency-hopping spread spectrum, direct-sequence spread spectrum and infrared (IR) transmission technologies
802.11n Emerging IEEE MIMO Wi-Fi Standard
802.15 A personal area network (PAN) standard for short distance wireless networks also known as WPANs. TG1 is WPAN/Bluetooth, TG2 is coexistence, TG3 is WPAN high rate.
802.16 An IEEE working group on Broadband Wireless Access Standards creating the family of standards for wireless metropolitan area networks.
802.3 An IEEE standard that defines the MAC layer for bus networks that use CSMA/CD. This is the basis for the Ethernet standard.
A-C Antenna Carrier
A-Rx Analog Receiver
A-Tx Analog Transceiver
AA Adaptive Array
AA Administrative Authority
AAA Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
AAL atm adaptive layer
AAR Automatic Alternate Routing
AAV Alternative Access Vendor
ABR Available Bandwidth Rate
ABR Available Bankwidth Rate
ABR Available Bit Rate
AC Alternating Current
ACC Adaptive Cruise Control
ACD Automatic Call Distribution
ACD Automatic Call Distributor
ACF Access Coordination Function
ACH Automated Clearinghouse
ACK Acknowledgement
ACK/NAK Acknowledgement/Negative Acknowledgement
ACL Access Control List
ACLEP Adaptive Code Excited Linear Prediction
ACLR Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio
ACM Address Complete Message
ACM Adaptive Code Modulation
ACM Address Complete Message
ACO Automatic Cut Off
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