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Wireless Dictionary of Acronyms and Abbreviations

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I In Phase
I and Q In-Phase and Quadrature
I-ERP Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning
I-WLAN Industrial wireless local area network
I/O Input/Output
I/O Input/Output
I/Q In Phase and Quadrature
I2C Inter Integrated Circuit
IAA Initial Address Acknowledgement
IAB Internet Advisory Board
IAC Initial Alignment Control
IAD Integrated Access Device
IAM Initial Address Message
IAR Initial Address Reject
IAS Integrated Access Service / Internet Access Server
IAST Integrated Access, Switching and Transport
IAT Inter-Arrival Time
IAT Integrated Access Terminal
IBC Integrated Broadband Communications
IBO Input power Back-Off
IC Integrated Circuit
IC-POT Interexchange Carrier-Point of Termination
ICCF Interexchange Carrier Compatibility Forum
ICD International Code Designator
ICD Internet Call Diversion
ICDR Internet Call Detail Record
ICI Inter Carrier Interference
ICI Inter-Carrier Interface
ICI Inter-Chip Interference
ICIP Inter-Carrier Interface Protocol
ICL Inserted Connection Loss
ICL Intercell Linking
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
ICNIRP International Commission on Non-ionsing Radiation Protection International Telecommunications
ICOT Inner City and Outstate Trunk
ICP Integrated Communications Provider / Intelligent Communications Platform
ICS Integrated Communications System
ICS IMS Centralized Services
ICW Internet Call Waiting
IDC Internet Data Center / International Data Corporation
IDCP Internet Device Control Protocol
IDE Integrated Development Environment
IDEAL Improved Dynamic Envelope Amplifier Line-Up (Powerwave)
IDES Internet Data Exchange System
IDF Intermediate Distribution Frame
IDFS Intelligent Dynamic Frequency Selection
IDL Interface Definition Language
IDLC Integrated Digital Loop Carrier
IDS Intrusion Detection System
IDs indentifies
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