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For future IWPC workshop information, please contact the IWPC or click here to request more info.

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Webinar WEBINAR: Bringing the Power of 4D Imaging to a Wide Variety of Industries from Commercial to Aerial Vehicles

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February 24 - 24, 2021

Interactive Technical Workshop mmWave: What's Next for Access and Transport?

Network densification is a strategy which can provide step changes in capacity per area and per user. Considering cost-evaluation models to compare fiber versus licensed and unlicensed mmWave backhaul options, can mmWave RAN interconnection provide optimal cost-performance and time-to-deploy for today and a scalable future upgrade path for tomorrows Mobile Radio Access Networks as well as Fixed Wireless Access. Can user equipment achieve acceptable connectivity, thermal and battery performance?

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February 17 - 17, 2021

NEW - Virtual Platform
Webinar WEBINAR: Ultra-Reliable & Low Latency in 5G NR

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February 03 - 03, 2021

Keysight Technologies
Webinar WEBINAR: 5G mmWave: Harnessing Technical Advances to Enhance the Business Case

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January 27 - 27, 2021

RF Pixels
Webinar WEBINAR: mmWave phased array - Technology, Design and Packaging

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January 20 - 20, 2021

Global Foundries and MixComm
Webinar WEBINAR: Interconnect Solutions for Rigid Applications

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January 13 - 13, 2021

Webinar WEBINAR: Optimizing 5G Radio Performance for Sub-7GHz User Experience

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December 16 - 16, 2020

Interactive Technical Workshop Radar and Its Role in Autonomous Vehicles

Radar offers substantial benefits to autonomous vehicles, but it is not without its challenges. Complex scenes, the growing numbers of radars on our roadways, and not to mention moving up to 100s of Gbps around a car aren’t easy problems to tackle. Join us as we explore architectures, capabilities, challenges, and exciting and evolving technologies.

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December 03 - 03, 2020

NEW - Virtual Platform
Interactive Technical Workshop RAN Orchestration and Automation

Exploring the transition of RAN functions from VM-based to cloud-native and deeper analysis of how virtualization can simplify operations and reduces capital expenses – What is O-RAN’s role in facilitating management and orchestration of 4G and 5G networks?

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December 02 - 02, 2020

NEW - Virtual Platform
Interactive Technical Workshop 5G Innovations for In-Building Networks

5G NR sub 6GHz and mmW indoor deployments – Assessing strengths and weaknesses versus WiFi6, transport challenges, synchronization for 5G Networks, 5G small cells, mmW UE/device development, CBRS, Integrated Access and Backhaul (IAB), DAS, 5G mmW repeaters, Fixed Wireless CPE

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December 01 - 01, 2020

NEW - Virtual Platform
Interactive Technical Workshop 4G/5G Antenna Evolution

Understanding legacy 4G enhancement opportunities and 5G integration challenges – Where does massive MIMO and beam steering fit in a service providers deployment strategy? Considering mass market drivers and opportunities, technology innovation, economics and barriers to success.

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November 19 - 19, 2020

NEW - Virtual Platform
Interactive Technical Workshop Transforming Networks for Smart and Converged Cities

Considering the impact of a converged world on consumer, B2B and IoT use-cases - How will converged cities and networks transform telecommunications for service providers and vertical markets? What part will Edge-Computing play in a converged world?

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November 17 - 17, 2020

NEW - Virtual Platform
Webinar WEBINAR: High Capacity Scalable Architectures for Fixed Wireless ISP’s

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November 11 - 11, 2020

BLiNQ Networks
Webinar WEBINAR: How Will 5G Deployment and Positioning, Navigation & Timing (PNT) Evolution Drive V2X?

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November 04 - 04, 2020

Spirent Communications
Webinar WEBINAR: 5G NR Baseband Reference Architecture Addressing VRAN Acceleration and Open RAN DU and RU Processing

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October 28 - 28, 2020

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