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Wireless Dictionary of Acronyms and Abbreviations

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BBM Baseband Module
BBS Bulletin Board System
Bc Committed Burst Size
BCD Binary Coded Decimal
BCH Broadcast Channel
bcm Bit Compression Multiplexer
BCSM Basic Call State Model
BDCS Broadband Digital Cross-Connect System
BDPR Bidirectional Dedicated Protection Ring
BE Border Element
BE Block Error
BECN Backward Explicit Congestion Notification
BER Basic Encoding Rules
BER Bit Error Rate
BERT Bit-Error-Rate Test
BFCV Binary Facility Coding Value
BGA Ball Grid Array
BGP Border Gateway Protocol
BH Busy Hour
BHCA Busy Hour Call Attempt
BI Bit Rate Independent
BIB Backward Indicator Bit
BIBR Backward Indicator Bit Received
BIBT Backward Indicator Bit to be Transmitted
BIBX Baqckward Indicator Bit Expected
BICC Bearer Independent Call Control
BiCMOS Bipolar & Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
BID Bit Rate Identification
BIP Bit Interactive Parity
BISDN Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network
BISUP Broadband ISUP (ISDNUser Part)
BITS Building Integrated Timing Supply
BJT Bipolar Junction Transistor
BLEC Broadband Local-Exchange Carrier
BLEC Building Local-Exchange Carrier
BLER Block Error Rate
BLES Broadband Loop Emulation Services
BLSR Bidirectional Line-Switched Ring
BMBF German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
BML Business Management Layer
BOC Bell Operating Company
BOF Business Operations Framework
BOM Bill of Materials
BOM Beginning of Message
BOND Back-Office Network Development
BORSCHT Battery Feed, Overvoltage Protection, Ring Signalling, Coding, Hybrid and Testing
Boss Broadband Operating System Software
BPF Band Pass Filter
BPON Broadband Passive Optical Network
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