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Wireless Dictionary of Acronyms and Abbreviations

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DDC Digital Down Converter
DDD Direct Distance Dialing
DDI DDI Corporation. Provider of telecom services in Japan
DDN Defense Data Network
DDR Double Data Rate
DDS Dataphone Digital Service
DDS Direct Digital Synthesis
DDS Digital Data Service
DDSD Delay Dial Start Dial
DE Discard Eligibility
DECT Digital European Cordless Telephone
DECT Digital European Cordless Telecommunication
DEMARC Demarcation point
DEMS Digital Electronic Messaging Service
DEMUX De Multiplex
DES Data Encryption Standard
DF Distributing Frame
DFB Distributed Feedback
DFC Dedicated Fiber/Coax
DFCA Dynamic Frequency and Channel Allocation
DFE Digital Front End
DFFS Design for Six Sigma
DFL Distributed Feedback Laser
DFM Design for Manufacturing
DFRI Datacom Reference Frame Input
DFT Discrete Fourier Transformation
DFT Design for Test
DGD Differentiated Group Delay
DGFF Dynamic Gain Flattening Filter
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DID Directed Inward Dialing
DiffServ Differentiated Services
DIN Digital Information Network
DIP Dominant Interferer Proportion
DIS Distributed Interactive Simulation
DITF Disaster Information Task Force
DL Downlink
DL Data Link
Dl-CCH Downlink Shared Channel
DLC Digital Loop Carrier
DLCI Data-Link Connection Identifier
DLE Digital Loop Electronics
DLL Dial Long Line
DLL Dynamicall-Linked Library
DLR Design Layout Report
DLU Digital Line Unit
DM Disconnected Mode
DM Dense Mode
DM-PS Dual-Mode Protocol Stack
DMA Direct Memory Access
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