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Wireless Dictionary of Acronyms and Abbreviations

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DMB Ddigital Multimedia Broadcasting
DMD Dispersion Management Device
DMI Design Manufacturability Index
DMI Digital Multiplex Interface
DMPB Digital Multipoint Bridging
DMS Digital Multiplex System
DMT Discrete Multitone
DMZ Demilitarized zone
DN Distinguished Name
DNIC Data Network Identification Code
DNIC Data Network Interface (2B+D ISDN)
DNIS Dialed Number Identification Service
DNL Differential Non-Linearity
DNS Domain Name Server
DNS Domain Naming System
DoA Direction of Arrival
DOC Department of Communications
DOCSIS Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications
DOD Department of Defense
DOJ Department of Justice
DoS Denial of Service
DOS Disk Operating System
DOSA Distributed Open Signaling Architecture
DOT Department Of Transportation
DoV Data Over Voice
DOW Day Of Week
DP Detection Point
DP Dial Pulse
DPA Distributed Power Architecture
DPA Dynamic Phase Alignment
DPBX Digital Private Brance Exchange
DPC Destination Point Code
DPCCH Dedicated Physical Control Channel
DPCM Differential Pulse Code Modulation
Dpd Dynamic Predistorted
DPD Digital Pre-Distortion
DPDCH Dedicated Physical Data Channel
DPDU Data (link) Protocol DataUnit
DPE Distributed Processing Environment
DPL Digital Power Line
DPO Dial Pulse Originate
DPP Third Generation Partnership Project
DPT Dial Pulse Terminate
DPT Dynamic Packet Transport
DqoS Dynamic Quality of Service
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory
DRC Dynamic Reaction
DRIE Deep Reactive Ion Etching
DRIF Digital Radio Interface
DRX Discontinuous Reception
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