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Wireless Dictionary of Acronyms and Abbreviations

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DRX Discontinuous Reception
DS! Digital Signal One
Ds-[x] Digital Signal [level x]
DS-MIPv6 Dual Stack - Mobile Internet Protocol version 6
DS@ Digital Signal 2
DS3 Digital Signal 3
DSA Digital Step Attenuator
DSAA DECT Standard Authentication Algorithm
DSC DECT Standard Cipher
DSCH Dedicated Shared Channel
DSCP DiffServ Code Point
DSF Dispersion-Shifted Fiber
DSI Detailed Spectrum Investigation
DSI Digital Speech Interpolation
DSI Digital Speech Interpolation
DSL Digital Subscriber Line
DSLAM Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
DSO Digital Signal Zero
DSODP Digital Service Office Dataport
DSP Digital Signal Processor
DSP Digital Service Provider
DSRC Dedicated Short Range Communication
DSS Decision Support System
DSS Digital Satellite System
DSSS Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
DSSS Direct Dequence Spread Spectrum
DSU Data Service Unit
DSU Digital Service Unit
DSX Digital Signal Cross-connect
DT Drive Test
DTAU Digital Test Access Unit
DTE Data terminal Equipment
DTF Dial Tone First
DTF Digital Transmission Facility
DTH Direct to Home
DTI Digital Trunk Interface
DTM Dual Transfer Mode
DTMF Dual-Tone Multifrequency
DTR Data Terminal Ready
DTS Digital terminal Systems
DTS Digital Transmission Systems
DTU Data terminal Unit
DTV Digital Television
DTX Discontinuous Transmission
DUC Digital Up Converter
DUP Data User Part
DUT Device Under Test
DVB Digital Video Broadcast
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