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Wireless Dictionary of Acronyms and Abbreviations

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INAP Intelligent Network Application Part
INAP AU INAP Adaptation Unit
INE Intelligent Network Element
InfoCom Information Communication
INL Integral Non Linearity
INM Integrated Network Management
INMD In-Service, Nonintrusive Measurement Device
InP Indium Phosphide
INT [Point-To-Point] Interrupt
InterNIC Internet Network Information Center
IntServ Integrated Services
IO Inter-Office
IOC Inter-Office Channel
IOF Interoffice Facility
IOS Intelligent Optical Switch
IP Internet Protocol
IP Intelligent Peripheral
IP3 3rd Order Intercept
IPBX Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange
IPcoms Internet Protocol Communications
IPD Integrated Passives Device
IPDC Internet Protocol Device Control
IPDR Internet Protocol Data Record
IPe Intelligent Peripheral
IPG Intelligent Premises Gateway
IPM Interpersonal Messaging System
IPO Initial Placement Offering
IPOa Internet Protocol Over ATM
IPQoS Internet Protocol Quality of Service
IPS Instructions Per Second
IPSec Internet Protocol Security
IPTel IP Telephony
IPv6 Internet Protocol Version 6
IPX Internet Package Exchange
IQ In-phrase and Quadrature
IR Infrared
IrDA Infrared Data Access
IRU Indefeasible Right To User
IS Interim Standard
IS-136 Interim Standard-136
IS-533 Interim Standard-533
IS-54 Interim Standard-54
IS-95 Interim Standard-95
IS-IS Intermediate System to Intermediate System
ISA Industry Standard Architecture
ISAPI Internet Server Application Programmer Interface
ISC Integrated Service Carrier / International Softswitch Consortium
ISDF Integrated Service Development Framework
ISDM-PRA ISDN Primary Rate Access
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
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