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Wireless Dictionary of Acronyms and Abbreviations

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LRN Local Routing Number
LRR Long Range Radar or Low Cost Radar
LS Loop Start
LSA Label Switch Assignment/Link State Advertisement
LSAC signaling Link management; Signaling Link Activity
LSAP Link Service Access Point
LSB Location-Sensitive Billing
LSC Link State Control
LSF Low Speed Following System
LSGAC Local-State Governmental Advisory Committee
LSI Large Scale Integration
LSLA signaling Link Management; Signaling Link Activiation
LSLD signaling Link management: Signaling Link Deactivate
LSLR signaling Link management; Signaling Link restoration
LSMS Local Service Management System
LSO Local Service Office
LSOA Local service Order Administration
LSP  Label-Switched Path
LSR Label-Switched Router/Leaf Setup Request/Local Service Request
LSSGR LATA Switching Systems Generic Requirements
LSSU Link Status Signal Unit
LSU Line Switch Unit
LT Line Terminator/Logical Terminal
LTCC Low-Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic
LTE Lite Terminating Equipment
LTE Long Term Evolution
LU Line Unit
LULT Line Unit/Line Termination
LUNI LANE User Network Interface
LUNT Line Unit Network Termination
LUT Look Up Table
LVD Low Voltage Directive
LVDS Low Voltage Differential Signaling
LX Local Exchange
LXT Local Exchange Terminal
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