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Wireless Dictionary of Acronyms and Abbreviations

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NGN Next-Generation Network
NGOSS Next-Generation Operations Systems and Software OR Next Generation OSS
NHRP Next-hop Resolution Protocol
NI Network Interface
NIC Network Interface Card
NID Network Interface Device
NIDS Network Intrusion Detection System
NIIF Network Interconnection Interoperability Forum
NIR Near Infrared
NIU Network Interface Unit
NLMS Normalized Least Mean Square
NLOS Non-line-of-sight
nm nanometer
NML Network-Management Layer
NMS Network-Management System
NND Name and Number Delivery
NNI Network-To-Network Interface
NNP Ni-Based New Platform
NO Network Operations Center
NOC Network Operations Center
NOI Notice of Inquiry
NOMAD National Ownership, Mobile Access, and Disaster Communications
NP Number Portability
NP-REQ Number-Portable Request Query
NPA Numbering Plan Area
NPAC Number Portability Administration Center
NPN New Public Network
NPU Numeric Processing Unit
NPV Net Present Value
NRC Network Reliability Council OR Nonrecurring Charge
NRE Non Recurring Engineering
NRIC Network Reliability and Interoperability Council
NRRI National Regulatory Research Institute [The Ohio State University]
NRSC Network Reliability Steering Committee
NRZ Non-Return to Zero
ns Nanosecond
NS/EP National Security and Emergency Preparedness
NSAP Network Service Access Point
NSAPI Netscape Server Application Programming Interface
NSCC Network Surveillance and Control Center
NSD Noise Spectral Density
NSDB Network and Services Database
NSGO Non Geostationary Orbit (Also Geosynchronous)
NSNBR Nokia Siemens Networks border Router
NSP Network Service Provider OR Network and Service Performance
NSTAC National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee
NT Network Termination OR New Technology
NTC Negative Temperature Coefficient
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