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Wireless Dictionary of Acronyms and Abbreviations

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PFD Phase-Frequency Detector
PGA Pin Grid Array
PHB Per-Hop Behavior
PHEMT Pseudomorphic High-Electronmobility Transistor
PHP Personal Home Page
PHS Personal Handyphone System
PHY Physical Layer
PIC Point-In-Call OR Predesignated Interexchange Carrier Or Primary Interexchange Carrier
PICMG PCi Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group
PICS Plug-In Inventory Control Systems
PIM Personal Information Management OR Protocol-Independent Multicast
PIN Personal Identification Number
PINT PSTN and Internet Networking [IETF working group]
PKI Public Key Infrastructure
PKM Personal Knowledge Management
PLA Performance-Level Agreement
PLC Planar Lightwave Circuit OR Product Life Cycle
PLCP Physical Layer Convergence Protocol
PLD Programmable logic device
PLL Phase-Locked Loop
PLLs Phase Locked Loop Frequency Syntheaizers
PLMN Public Land Mobile Network
PLOA Protocol Layers Over ATM
PLT Power Line Telecommunication
PM Performance Monitoring
PMD Physical-Medium Dependent OR Polarization Mode Dispersion
PMDC Polarization Mode Dispersion Compensator
PMI Process Manufacturability Index
PMO Present Method of Operation
PMP Point-To-Multipoint
PMR Professional Mobile Radio
PN Personal Number
PNNI Private Network-To-Network Interface
PnP Plug and Play
PO Purchase Order
PoC Push-to-Talk Over Cellular
POD Probability of Detection
PODP Public Office Dialing Plan
PoE Power over Ethernet
POET Partially Overlapped Echo-Cancelled Transmission
POF Plastic Optic Fiber
POH Path Overhead
POIS Packet Optical Interworking System
PON Passive Optical Network
POP Short for Population
POP Point of Presence
POP3 Post Office Protocol 3
POPS Persons of Population
POS Packet Over SONET OR Point Of Service
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