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Wireless Dictionary of Acronyms and Abbreviations

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SE Service Element
SEAMCAT Spectrum Engineering Advanced Monte Carlo (computer) Analysis Tool (software implementation of a Monte Carlo simulation method which permits statistical modeling of different radio interference situations)
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
SECOM Secure Communications
SEE Service-Execution Environment
SEM Spectral Emission Mask
SEP Signaling Endpoint
ServReq Service Request
SET Secure Electronic Transaction
SEU Single-Event Upset
SFA Sales Force Automation
SFD Start Frame Delimiter
SFDR Spurious Free Dynamic Range
SFF Small Form-Factor
SFGF Supplier-Funded Generic Element
SFM Single Frequency Network
SFP Small Form-factor Pluggable
SFQ Single Flux Quantum
SG Signaling Gateway
SG&A Selling, Goods, and Administration OR Sales, Goods, and Administration
SGCP Simple Gateway Control Protocol
SGSN Service GPRS Support Node
SHV Shareholder Value
SI Service Information OR Systems Integrator
SIBB Service-Independent Building Block
SiC Silicon-Carbide
SIC Service Initiation Charge
SIC Successive Interference Cancellation
SICL Standard Interface Control Library
SID Silence Indicator Description
SIDS Shoreline Intruder Detection System
SIF SONET Interoperability Forum
SIG Specification Implementation Group
SiGe Silicon Germanium
SIGe:C Silicon Germanium:Carbon
sigtran Signaling Transport [working group]
SIM Subscriber Identity Module OR Service Interaction Manager
SINAD Signal to toal noise and Interference ratio
SiP System-in-a-Package
SIP Session Initiation Protocol
SIP CPL SIP Call Processing Language
SIP-T Session Initiation Protocol for Telephony
SIR Serial Infrared
SIR Signal-to-Interference Ratio
SITA Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques
SIU Service Interface Unit
SIVR Speaker-Independent Voice Recognition
SKU Stock-Keeping Unit
SL Service Logic
SLA Service-Level Agreement
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