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Wireless Dictionary of Acronyms and Abbreviations

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SPF Shortest Path First
SPI Serical Peripheral Interface
SPICE Stimulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis
Spirits Service In The PSTN/IN Requesting Internet Service [working group]
SpiritsG SPIRITS Gateway
SPM Self-Phase Modulation OR Subscriber Private Meter
SPOP Service Point of Presence
SPR Sector Power Ratio
SPVC Security Policy Verification Committee
SPX Sequence Packet Exchange
SQL Structured Query Language
SRAM Static Random Access Memory
SRD Short Range Device
SRF Special Resource Function
SRP Source Routing Protocol
SRR Short Range Radar
SRS Stimulated Raman Scattering
srTCM Single-Rate Tri-Color Marker
SS Softswitch
SS7 Signaling System 7
SSB Single Side Bank
SSE Service Subscriber Element
SSF Service Switching Function
SSG Service Selection Gateway
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
SSM Service and Sales Management
SSMF Standard Single-Mode Fiber
SSN Starting Sequence Number
SSOP Plastic Shrink Small Outline Package
SSP Service Switching Point
SSPA Solid State Power Amplifiers
STC Space/Time Coding
STE Section Terminating Equipment
STI Service Transport Interface
STM Synchronous Transfer Mode
STN Service Transport Network Or Service Transport Node
STP Shielded Twisted Pair OR Signal Transfer Point OR Spanning Treee Protocol
STR Signal-To-Resource
STS Synchronous Transport Signal
SUA SCCP User Adaptation
SVC Switched Virtual Circuit
SW Software
SWAN Storage Wide-Area Network
SWAP Shared Wireless Access Protocol
SWBT Southwestern Bell Telephone
SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
SYN IN Synchronous Transmission
sysRAM System RAM
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