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2.3 – 2.7 GHz Band Project – Exploring RF Innovation and Architectures

IWPC has established a working group to study and recommend optimal RF front-end (RFFE) architectures for Multimode TD/FD-LTE devices with a focus on highband support (2.3 - 2.7GHz).

This project will be conducted in two phases.
  • Define optimal RFFE architectures for addressing technical challenges related to those designs
  • Component/Module integration and future technology innovation
  • Research, evaluate, and recommend best practices for manufacturing integrated 2.3-2.7GHz front-end modules facilitating the design and manufacturing of global multi-mode multiband devices.
  • Research and evaluate new technological advancements to further improve device RF performance in 2.3-2.7 GHz post 2012
  • Define preferred architectures for integrated front-end modules
  • Assess options for antenna configurations supporting multiple bands and diversity

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Handset Power Management
To meet the power management demands of wireless handset/data devices with input from all stakeholders.

To Bridge the “Communication Gap” between Carriers and the Supply Chain by mapping Use Case power consumption with technology roadmaps, gap analysis and technology development requirements for future handset/device power requirements.

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Handset Quality

Improve handset/device quality and reduce time to market and reduce costs for operators and all members of the supply chain.

Improving Device Quality at Lab Entry
Focus: Identifying and outlining best practices for Joint Operator Lab Entry process steps
Reducing Handset/Device Field Failures
Focus: Identify top Hardware & Software reasons for Field Failures, identify best practices and develop industry recommendations to reduce field failures

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LTE Multi-Band/Multi-Mode User Equipment Requirements
Assess RF component innovation and timescales to meet worldwide next generation multiband user equipment requirements.
This project consisted of an anonymous survey of members, followed by a joint IWPC/NGMN focused workshop in London during October 2011.
The consolidated Survey results were shared with the NGMN and Global carriers. In addition, highlights from the survey were shared and discussed with members at the London Workshop:

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Small Cell & Backhaul Deployment and Reliability

To explore operational aspects of small cell deployment and how this will impact DAS and In-Building system evolution as well as legacy and future macro networks. The Working Group will focus on topics aimed at ensuring reliability and facilitating the deployment and management of small cell radio access and backhaul.

The broad membership of the IWPC organization presents an excellent opportunity to leverage a pool of experts covering virtually all layers of the eco-system, in a uniquely cooperative environment, to pragmatically address many aspects of small cells that are not adequately being covered elsewhere.  This uniquely formulated working group will work together on the following broad tasks, each encompassing a variety of disciplines and sub-committees:
  • Understand and assess acceptable service availability and reliability levels for small cells, and the factors that most affect this.
  • Explore existing and emerging technologies and products that can be applied to the design, manufacturing, deployment, and/or maintenance of small cells and small cell backhaul that help to meet operator requirements.
  • Consider how small cells may be deployed, managed and maintained alongside DAS, WiFi, other small cells, and an umbrella macro network.
  • The scope of this work will encompass both in-building and outdoor equipment, each of which comes with its own requirements and challenges.

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