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Typical 5-7 year automotive design cycles can translate into several generations of the much shorter wireless technology evolution. These development cycle differences create a profound disconnect between tiered suppliers, regulators, and auto makers.


The IWPC helps synchronize the automotive and wireless industry by:

  • Communicating across traditional barriers between tiered supplier silos and the auto makers, to strengthen technology roadmaps and deliverables

  • ‘Visioneering’ the future combination of wireless and automotive product requirements and capabilities

  • Providing all industry groups with the right contacts

for ALL things wireless.


Chrysler LLC, Stephen Buckley

YouTube Video

Daimler, Dr. Jürgen Dickmann

YouTube Video

Ford, Development Engineer

YouTube Video

Honda, Dr. Marcus Kleinehagenbrock

YouTube Video Other Video

Tata Motors, Jonathan Clark

YouTube Video Other Video

Volvo, Dr. Erik Coelingh

YouTube Video

Volvo, Tove Hellgård

YouTube Video


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