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MMwave/THz Systems


Millimeter wave & sub-millimeter wave technologies, once the purview of niche military & aerospace sectors, are migrating into the commercial domain – thanks to large R&D investments made by worldwide governments.

These R&D Investments are paving the way for future commercial GHz & THz communication, industrial, consumer, safety, imaging, and sensor applications. These technology advancements are stimulating innovation to develop game-changing products.

These higher frequency applications represent significant growth opportunities within the wireless industry. Cost, performance, packaging, materials, manufacturability, and volume economics are all critical factors to stimulate markets.

Our “pool of knowledge” workshops provide a 360 degree view of the potential opportunities, engaging expert stakeholders from the entire wireless ecosystem. Members:

  • Assess feasibility and risk profiles for future commercial market opportunities and product development
  • Learn about research developments surrounding emerging technologies for future product applications
  • Directly connect with the emerging supply chain of resource experts

for ALL things wireless.


Continental, Dr. Frank Gruson

YouTube Video Other Video

Daimler, Dr. Jürgen Dickmann

YouTube Video

Endwave, John Mikulsky

YouTube Video

Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, Vice Head

Gapwaves US, Doug Lockie

YouTube Video

InterDigital, Chris Cave

YouTube Video Other Video

Rohde & Schwarz, Dr. Juergen Schlienz

YouTube Video

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., Effie Favreau


ViaSat, Fred Wachter

Volvo, Dr. Erik Coelingh

YouTube Video

Volvo, Tove Hellgård

YouTube Video

Wistron NeWeb, Sloan Hsiao

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